Team in Transit

From truck stops to tailgates   //   the story behind moving an SEC football team


Hours of work are put in by countless individuals to make sure the few hours on the field are a complete success. We found, in our reporting, these five themes. The following are some of the stories of the people we met:

Keep the Team on the Field

Football players are prone to bumps, bruises and more serious injuries on the gridiron. A full staff of 15 trainers has to recreate its state-of-the-art medical facility on the road to keep the team healthy and ready for every snap.

Home Away from Home

Preparing the locker room and sideline on the road is a two-day operation. The 18-man equipment staff does it five times per year during the regular season.

Moving the Team

Moving an SEC football team is no easy task. Without truck drivers Gene Devellis and Steve Cibulsky the Florida Gators would not have the tools to compete during an away game. It’s nonstop for these truckers as they try and pack Ben Hill Griffin Stadium onto a semi-truck.

The Man Behind the Curtain

Meet the man who makes sure everything Gator football moves smoothly: George Wynn, director of football operations.

UF Cheerleaders

A look inside the experiences of a traveling University of Florida cheerleader. Morgan Palmer and Cody Wolfe discuss the away game process, their relationships with their teammates and the rewards of cheerleading.

Gator Band on the Road

The band for a football team is always there for moral support, even if they themselves are only on the field for halftime. The Pride of the Sunshine follows the Gators to every away and bowl game, and practices nearly as much as they do, too.

The Fans: Tailgating on the Water

Bill Buholtz and Randall Deane, both die-hard Gators alumni, talk about what it’s like to tailgate on the boat docks for the annual University of Florida and University of Georgia match-up. After tailgating on a boat for more than a decade, the duo can’t imagine doing it any other way.

Stumpy Harris in his own words

Hear Bull Gator and superfan Stumpy Harris in his own words. More on Stumpy Stumpy Harris: The SuperFan Stumpy Harris: A Gameday in the Life

By the Numbers

A look at all the numbers associated with moving the Gators and being away from home.