Team in Transit

From truck stops to tailgates   //   the story behind moving an SEC football team

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Moving the Team

Moving an SEC football team is no easy task. Without truck drivers Gene Devellis and Steve Cibulsky the Florida Gators would not have the tools to compete during an away game. It’s nonstop for these truckers as they try and pack Ben Hill Griffin Stadium onto a semi-truck.

The Man Behind the Curtain

Meet the man who makes sure everything Gator football moves smoothly: George Wynn, director of football operations.

Planning the Trip

From plane flights and hotel rooms to team meals and coaches’ meetings, see what it takes to plan a football weekend down to the minute and everyone involved in moving them.

Escorting the Team

To ensure the Gators are safe while treading “enemy” territory, the University Police Department sends officers to travel with the team.

George Wynn Q&A

Q. What is the most difficult part of your job? A. The most difficult part of your job is not having a calendar that’s truly yours. You have to be flexible. For example, you can come in in the morning and say “I’m going to work on scholarship camp.” But if coach needs something or […]

Pushing nutrition to the limit: the boxing match between athletes and rules

Barrel-shaped jugs of Muscle Milk Collegiate powder line the shelves in the sports nutrition offices at the University Athletic Association at the University of Florida, where nutritionist Chelsea Zenner works. Here, protein ranks supreme. “Protein is the building block for all tissue,” Zenner says. “It’s the building block for muscle.” Zenner, a blonde 20-something, and […]